The opportunity is now available for you to make a donation and get a tax receipt while contributing directly to the cost of the repairs of the dehumidifier and the heaters.

Curl Ontario has partnered with the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario to create a revenue generation program for curling facilities for which a chartable tax receipt can be provided for qualifying donations. 

How To Donate:

  1. Use this link to find the Donation Form
  2. Under Organization Name - from the drop down list select ‘Woodstock Curling Centre’. (Project #102 will fill in automatically)
  3. Complete your ‘Name and Address’
  4. Select your ‘Method of Payment’
  5. Hit “Submit” (Depending on your method of payment your tax receipt is issued immediately.)
Alternatively to understand more deeply what you are donating to you can find the description for Woodstock Curling Centre project #102 using this link:

Thank you for your support!