Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get my name added to the spares list?

You can come to the club and post it on our spares list on the communication board or you can email one of the Club Directors, who will add your name and phone number to the spares list.

What equipment is required to curl?

The only equipment that you need to curl is a curling broom and a slider for one foot. These are available for purchase at the pro shop located within the club. The club will provide loner equipment until you buy your own.

How long is a game?

An eight game end usually lasts about 2 hours.

How cold is it on the curling rink?

Most people curl in a light jacket or a heavy sweater.

How am I assigned a team?

At the beginning of the season leagues are formed. Each league has an approximate skill level. New curlers are placed on teams according to their level of ability and their reason for curling. ( ie: social or competitive)

What if I join a team and can’t make a game?

Each league has a list of spare or alternates that can contact to fill in for you.

What is a bonspiel?

A bonspiel is a form of tournament. Most are held on weekends. Anyone who wishes to curl in a bonspiel usually has the opportunity to sign up in advance when it is announced. Bonspiels are held at our club and at other clubs around the area. Generally an extra entry fee is charged for participation. Information can be found on the various Bulletin Boards at our club.

Is private instruction available?

Most of our experienced curlers are more than willing to provide help, time permitting. Our Learn to Curl program runs for 7 weeks and is a great way to learn the game in a fun atmosphere.

How do I rent the building for a private function?

You can contact our Facility Manager to check availability and pricing to use the building for a private function. Great for Family Funspiels, Christmas parties, meetings, birthday parties and fundraiser bonspiels

Is there much socializing with curlers?

One of the main reasons a lot of people curl is for the social aspect. You will get the opportunity to meet many people who live and work in the Woodstock area. Socializing takes place on the ice and after games. Also, refreshments and food can be purchased at our fully Licensed Bar.